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RE: Calling out/specifying tubes

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Thanks Charlie.  I thought that I had recalled something along that
line...but the ol' memory is starting to go!

Scott Maxwell

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Charlie Carter wrote:

> > For square and rectangular tubes, is it now recommended that they be
> > specified as HSS or can TS still be used?
> HSS is the proper designator for round and rectangular products produced to
> ASTM A500, A501, A618 and A847. It stands for hollow structural section.
> Note that these designators do not apply to steel pipe (ASTM A53). For more
> information on all of this, go to part 1 of the three-part materials feature
> here:
> The shift from TS to HSS was introduced by the Steel Tube Institute (yes, I
> see the irony in their name) about five years ago and is still filtering its
> way through the various publications and references that exist.
> Charlie