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Reference by Timoshenko

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I have Timoshenko's, "Theory of Elastic Stability," First Edition and Second 
Edition (with Gere) and also Bleich's, "Buckling Strength of Metal 
Structures."  (I got Timo & Gere for a graduate course in elastic 
stability, and forget why or where I got the First Edition.)  I think that 
Bleich's is a tad more practical than Timo's although I have referenced both 
on occasions as I have the Column Research Guide.)

If you are into a whole lot of backward 6's and funny looking S's, both 
Timo's and Bleich's books are good to have.

As a side note, Charles Greenlaw posted a message I got in this download 
that mentioned aluminum extension ladders.  One of the first investigations 
that I did was on the collapse of an aluminum extension ladder and I put all 
three books to good use on that one.  For anyone contemplating buying an 
aluminum extension ladder, get the highest rated possible (I and IA) as the 
rated capacities (pounds) are based on a person standing motionless at the 
middle of the rung.  (Theoretical factor of safety: 4; stand next to the 
side rail, FS = 2; climb the ladder and it will sway from side-to-side, FS 
= ???)  Also, make sure that the distance from the bottom of the rails to the 
first rung and from the top rung to the top of the rail is not greater than 
1/2 the spacing from rung to rung.  The critical failure mode is 
torsional-flexural buckling of the side rail below the bottom rung.  For the 
household type extension ladder (now called Type III) of the investigation, 
there was less than 1/16 sq. in. cross-section area in each side rail.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Dave Adams wrote:

>>Hello all,

Does anyone own a copy of Timoshenko's book "Theory of Elastic Stability"?
It's an older one, but he's a classic author and I was contemplating the
purchase.  Has the book proven to be useful, for both practical applications
and good background on the subject?

Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Dave K. Adams, S.E.
Lane Engineers, Inc.<<