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re: Reference by Timoshenko

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I  have  a  copy  of  the  Timoshenko  book.  If you wud like I will sell 
it you.  Please  e-mail me  at   arvind_bisarya(--nospam--at)   or  
bisarya(--nospam--at) I bought it for M.S. degree  and  do  not  need  that  
book  now.  It  is  over  my  head,  I  am  a  very  short  man :-- )
 Arvind  Bisarya
  phone  314 - 539 - 0471
  fax         314 - 539 -8321

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Hello all,

Does anyone own a copy of Timoshenko's book "Theory of Elastic Stability"?
It's an older one, but he's a classic author and I was contemplating the
purchase.  Has the book proven to be useful, for both practical 
and good background on the subject?

Any comments would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Dave K. Adams, S.E.
Lane Engineers, Inc.