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Tilt Up Panels

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Is there any rules of thumb for estimating the thickness of a concrete
panel?  I have a 31 feet eave height with some dock doors giving a total
height of 36 feet.  Will a 7.25 in panel work or do I need to warn the
contractor now that it is not feasible.   The project is in Seismic Zone 2
and wind speed of 80 mph.

Also,  are there any problems or concerns in the design of the concrete
panels?  I am planning on using the panels as shear walls which does not
concern me except in 1 spot where I have 45k at the top of the wall and only
2-20 ft lengths to resist it.  Are there any other forces I need to worry
about for the design?  Thermal (panels are uninsulated and the interior is
climate controlled), etc?

Finally, are there any good references for tilt up?


Mike Zaitz