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Re: Unit weight of precast roof plank from 1

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<<  In other words, was light-weight concrete in use for roof planks in 1959
and 1964?  >>

Intrestingly enough "Walker's Building Estimator's Reference Book", 22nd
edition gives a pretty good treatise on lightweight concrete including that
made of lightweight aggregate and the aerated type.  They refer to
lightweights with a density as low as 20 PCF.  They list Haydite, Perlite,
Pottsco, Pumice, Vermiculite and Waylight as representative products.

I can personally recall seeing the use of light weight precast planks back
in the mid 50s.  With so many types and brands available I would think that
a little emperical job site research would be in order.

Jimmy  C.......(hisself)