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Re: Reference by Timoshenko

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>For anyone contemplating buying an 
>aluminum extension ladder, get the highest rated possible (I and IA) as the 
>rated capacities (pounds) are based on a person standing motionless at the 
>middle of the rung.
Good advice. Also remember to use the graphic on the side to place the 
ladder at the correct pitch. The lower the slope the less weight it'll 
carry before it buckles. And when you're tempted to reach out and grab 
hold of one more storm window without moving the ladder remember that all 
that weight and whatever load you're applying to dislodge the window is 
being carried by one rail. And make sure the ladder placard states 
explicitly that it's compliant with ANSI A14.2. Lots of cheap ladders 
weasel word this compliance.

I've done a few ladder cases, and most resulted from outright abuse by a 
guy (invariably a man, usually someone old enough to know better.) who'll 
swear that the ladder 'suddenly just collapsed' without warning and of 
course he'd read all the warning placards, made careful notes, had a long 
safety meeting with his family and priest, positioned the ladder with an 
inclinometer and hadn't the foggiest idea how that piece of 2x4 which 
appeared to be blocking one foot actually got there since he knew how 
foolish blocking a ladder could be... 

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