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Re: proper weld metal notes

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>Think carefully about testing welds. Typically fabricators whine and 
>bitch about costs when you specify anything but visual examination, but 
>my own opinion is that they're worried about possible rework when a 
>defect is found. But the knowledge that they're going to have to dig out 
>and fix defective welds helps keep corners from being cut.
It was an eye opener when a big steel  fabricator stated that the main
reason that fillet welds were cheaper than groove welds was that there was
no NDT of fillet welds.  With groove welds you can use UT to find weld
defects which then have to be repaired.  You probably have many of the same
defects in a multi-pass fillet weld that you would find in a multi-pass
groove weld but because you don't test them you don't repair them.

Thus it appears that when you use a fillet weld instead of a groove weld to
save money you are also accepting a lower level of reliability.

Mark Gilligan