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RE: Calling out/specifying tubes

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--- Charlie Carter <carter(--nospam--at)> wrote:

> >How available is angle and channel stock in a Gr 50 material?
> It's a chicken and egg thing. I suspect that most angle and channel
> product
> today labeled A36 has a strength level that would meet the
> requirements of
> A572 grade 50. Essentially, it's just like the dual-cert material
> situation
> that existed with wide-flange shapes before ASTM A992 was introduced
> for
> wide-flange shapes. But until the mills that produce channels and
> angles
> actually start certifying their product to A572 grade 50 regularly,
> I'd
> stick with A36 in those shapes, unless you know you can obtain then
> ahead of
> time.
> Hope this helps.
> Charlie


Doesn't this create a dangererous situation wherein "yield" occurs much
later than anticipated?  And are you telling me that my double angle
brace might experience a rapid failure in an earthquake, as opposed to
the elongation I would prefer?

Just questions.

Everyone: This is a great list!  Where have _I_ been?!!

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