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Stone Veneer

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Hi, Sport Fans:  I have been asked to inspect a masonry and concrete wall 
building, 2 story, with loose slate veneer tiles, 1-1/4" thick on the 
exterior walls.  I was told that some of the veneer tiles are falling from 
the building  It seems that the veneer may be slate pavers that were meant to 
be installed on level grade.  The building is in hot, dry Las Vegas.  I know 
nothing about the proper installation of this product, but I told the owners 
I would try to find out if there was a product or method of re-fastening the 
loose tiles and stabilizing the remaning tiles.  They were not wire tied to 
the walls.  I was told that they were set with some type of adhesive mortar.

This may be an exercise in futility if the slate is delaminating with a thin 
layer of stone adhered to the building.

I know this is a non-structural issue, but it never ceases to amaze me, the 
wealth of knowledge that many of the members on this list server have.

I know that brick veneer can be tested for bed joint shear strength with a 
push test.  Is there a similar test for in-place stone veneer?

Thanks in advance for any info you folks may have regarding this type of 
stone veneer.

Ray Shreenan, S.E.