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Re: Increases in Foundation Bearing Pressure For Wind and Seismic Loading

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--- "L. Thomas Bayne" <tom(--nospam--at)> wrote:
> The author is myself.  It is probably the wrong way to present it.  
> If the
> increases in bearing is to compensate for redundant transient
> loading,
> shouldn't that be done at the time the foundation loads are computed
> by the
> structural.  I don't think it should be handled by arbitrarily
> increasing
> the allowable soil bearing pressures? I am wrong?

And another person is converted to LRFD/Strength design!

A related question: why are soil bearing values based on allowable
loads.  Would it not be more expedient for the soils engineer to
provide soil capacity recommendations that are based on a uniform
reliability, as opposed to a F.S. that takes no account of load

Also, I have been told by seminar instructors from ACI/PCA that future
(post 1999) versions of ACI 318 will be re-calibrated for ASCE 7; which
means the new resistance factors in the appendix will be included in
the body of the code!  Are we heading for a convergence?

Keith Fix
Cromwell Architects Engineers

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