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Re: Cable Modems

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I have PacBell DSL at my office and Cox @home cable modem service at home.  I do
notice periods of slow response on the cable modem.  This is not all the time
but it can be painfully slow in the evenings.  I think this has something to do
with how many users are online with the cable system at the same time.  I have
never found any variation in the DSL modem's response.  By the way, I have
identical computers at home and at the office. Same browser etc.

If DSL is available, I would pick it over cable.

Bob Fennema

Brent Koch wrote:

> I access the internet via cable at home and via DSL at the office. Love both
> services and have had no problems. Whatever discernable speed difference
> exists from one system to the next has proven inconsequential to me. I doubt
> you'll regret a decision to upgrade your connection speed.
> Brent R. Koch, P.E.
> Livermore, CA
> mailto:kochengr(--nospam--at)