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Re: Structural Engineer - Diploma

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Desmond, the biggest problem you'll find in trying to practice in the States (which I think is what you're asking) is that many if
not most of the state licensing boards may not recognize an engineering degree from outside the U.S. or Canada. It's a point of
legality more than anything else.

Most foreign nationals that I know who've come to this country to work, go to grad school. The graduate schools will typically
recognize foreign degrees as prerequisites for admission. With a U.S. graduate school degree, you can get licensed here in the

As I understand it, most other nations outside the U.S., Canada and Europe, don't worry about licensing/registering engineers. A
degree is all you need. In fact one friend of mine from Colombia told me that he was able to go straight from college into private
practice, without even requiring a period of experience.

This is a major difference that you need to be aware of.

> 1. I am a structural engineer with a diploma in structural Engineering from
> a recognised university in the caribbean (UTECH).