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ATTENTION SEA  List server members       (+++  others):

A Television Viewing reminder:   Wednesday  JUNE   7th.

You  might want to forward this message on to your colleagues  - associates 
involved in bridge design.

Just in case you have never seen the Learning Channel  (TLC)  Production 
"UNDERSTANDING  BRIDGES",   it will again be broadcast  this coming Wednesday 
 -  JUNE 7th  at    9:00 p.m.  (Chicago - Daylight time)   with a rerun again 
at Midnight.

Check your local cable listing for exact times

Just though you might like to know.  In recent months there have been several 
TV productions discussing structural engineering wonders   -   and there are 
more TV productions  on structural engineering being planned for the near 

Check  out :

Anyone knowing of TV programs on Engineering History  please  let me know

as always,

Bob  Johnson
203  North  Wabash    Suite  2010
Chicago,  IL   60601

PS  There is a companion program,  "UNDERSTANDING SKYSCRAPERS",  but I do not 
know when TLC  plans to rebroadcast this program.  (I believe a video of the 
program is available)