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Re: stop mail

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What is going on seems to be another case of someone being unsure 
how to remove themselves from the list server.  I assume since the 
people in question are referring to a "site", they probably added
themselves from the seaint website.  

To those who wish to remove themselves from the mailing list:

Please scroll all the way to the bottom of this message.  Read the
*entire* blurb at the bottom, which includes information on how to 
remove yourself by sending email to admin(--nospam--at), not to
seaint(--nospam--at)  In effect, you are propagating the same email 
that you are attempting to eliminate.  If the directions are unclear,
or ineffective, please follow the email link to the frequently asked
questions (FAQ) webpage and follow the explanation given there.  

Charley Hamilton

Charles Hamilton, EIT                   Graduate Student Researcher     
Department of Civil and                 Phone: 949.824.8694
    Environmental Engineering           FAX:   949.824.2117 
University of California, Irvine        Email: chamilto(--nospam--at)