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RE: Yield strength of older rebar

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Reference CRSI Design Handbook, 1952.  I was using rebar for teething in

The ASTM A 305 specification was for the deformations on rebar, and had
nothing to do with physical properties.  The physical properties for
reinforcing steel were contained in the ASTM A 15 (Billet-steel), A 16
(Rail-steel), or A 160 (Axle-steel).

The most commonly used reinforcing steel was the A 15 Intermediate.  You
might find a reference to "intermediate billet-steel" which would be the 40
ksi rebar.

ASTM A 15 deformed bar reinforcing steel was available in the following
grades and yield strengths:
Grade		Yield point (min)
Structural	33 ksi
Intermediate	40 ksi
Hard		50 ksi

Harold Sprague

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> Is anyone familiar with ASTM 305 for reinforcing steel?  I am looking at a
> building built around 1957 that specifies ASTM 305 for the rebar.  Would
> this have a yield strength of 40 ksi, or something else?
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> Scott Maxwell