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Re: stop mail

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How long were the messages that you tried to post?  I believe that the
SEAINT list has a message size limit.  That is why you see some people
posting messages in several parts sometimes.  I have tried posting
messages sometimes that have been too long that don't make it through.  It
just might be that some of your messages have "tripped" the size limit.

Hope this helps,

Scott Maxwell

On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Peter Higgins wrote:

> This is anything but.
> I am well aware of how to stop the list server.
> What is happening is messages from SEAINT refusing postings. Something I
> find rather repugnant given that my dues support the service which should
> be freely available to all (regardless of their dues paying status). If
> someone at SEAOC wishes to supress free expression, kindly come out and at
> least state your name and affiliation. Otherwise, I expect my postings to
> hit the list unimpeded.
> Peter S. Higgins, SE