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RE: proper weld metal notes

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It would be interested to see a breakdown that shows why for a multi pass
weldement  "a fillet weld probably costs on the order of $30 per pound of
weld metal; a CJP groove weld on the order of $60 per pound of weld metal"

I would expect that the labor and materials would be similar for laying
down the weld metal.  How much of the cost is the result of having to make
weld repairs?  If this number does not include the cost of making repairs
as a result of UT inspection, then what would be the typical cost for
making such repairs?

Since UT is comonly used on groove welds but not on fillet welds I would
expect that there was some additional cost to make the repairs associated
with the defects found by UT.

Is there a good technical reason to expect that, for multi pass welds, that
the type of defects that can be found by UT do not occur in fillet welds?

Mark Gilligan