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RE: proper weld metal notes

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>It would be interested to see a breakdown that shows why for a multi pass
>weldement  "a fillet weld probably costs on the order of $30 per pound of
>weld metal; a CJP groove weld on the order of $60 per pound of weld metal"
Check Blodgett's Weld procedure Handbook for guidance on this. The cost 
info might not be accurate but the work component items are still pretty 
close. Basically when there's a root pass to make and at least look over 
and a groove to make and clean up, plus possible positioning issues, the 
numbers look right. I heard an estimate once (a long time ago) that the 
Navy estimated about $50/lb for deposited weld metal. The context of the 
discussion was grove welds with examination other than visual.

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