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RE: SEAOC Younger Members Poster Session

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As a young nonmember, the last thing I need is another hobby!
Between work deadlines, the expected 45 to 50 hour work week,
civic and church obligations, and spending any remaining time
with my wife and daughter, there is no time for other activities.

Maybe others are better organized, have more control over their
work schedule, or fewer other obligations, but I doubt it.   (Maybe
their attitudes are better.  Mine got up on the "wrong side" this

If you want participation, you must make the rewards worth the time
required.  A grand in scholarships doesn't pay any bills (especially when

I just finished graduate school), nor does free airfare, registration,
and hotel compensate for the week of double work required before and
after the event.

If you want my attention offer a week of fishin' and swimmin' with my
daughter and evenings with my wife, no strings or extra work attached
(and maybe some time for me, while your at it).

My rant is over.  I'm going back to work.  Thanks for your time.

Ralph Benson
Huitt-Zollars, Inc.

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1. There are many younger members (35 and under) interested in
activities, including enetering competitions and winning awards for their
work. I am a younger member myself.

2. There is no need to worry about money. This is a $1,000 scholraship.
Winners of the poster competition will get airfare, registration, and
stays for FREE.

3. I am sure many firms are proud when their younger engineers win
competitions, and will encourage them to attend despite the three day
loss in
billable time. Even if the time is not approved, I would take three days
vacation to attend. If the airfare and hotel stay is provided, this is an
excellent deal for a Vacation to Vancouver.

Constantine Shuhaibar, PhD, PE
Co-Chair, 2000 SEAOC Convention Technical Program Committee