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Re: Sumatra Earthquakes

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Contact Kevin McCue of the Australian Geological Survey Organization. He is on the committee of the Australian Earthquake Engineering Society of the Institution of Engineers, Australia.(

He should be able to get information for you.

Here is some information I copied from the site.

2000 June 4, Southern Sumatera, Ms 7.9 16:28 UTC, 102.0°E, 4.7°S, normal depth [NEIC] (Sunday, June 4 at 23:28 western Indonesian time) The largest earthquake for the year 2000 occurred off the coast of Southern Sumatera, near the city of Bengkulu. At least 51 people have been reported killed and hundreds injured. Rescue attempts were initially limited by darkness and failure of the electricity supply. Several houses have collapsed in the city and the province of Bengkulu. The earthquake was felt strongly in Jakarta, particularly in high buildings. It was also reported felt in Singapore.
Although the earthquake was large and shallow, there have been no reports of a tsunami along the west Sumatera coast. Eleven aftershocks of magnitude mb 4.7 and larger were recorded in the eight hours following the main shock, including one of magnitude mb 6.7 that occurred 11 minutes after the main shock.
Peter McCormack

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> Sumatra is really being jolted by earthquakes with the main shock a
> preliminary 7.9.
> If any of our colleagues in that part of the world could provide particulars
> (when you get time, of course) about damage, it would be appreciated.
> A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> Tucson, Arizona

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