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Re: UBC 97 Occupancy Interpretation Table 10A

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In a message dated 6/5/00 4:25:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
DelliesTM(--nospam--at) writes:

<< e are designing an "auto auction" facility and cannot find a "realistic" 
number for the egress requirements from Table 10A. The building official has 
asked us to research this question and will accept an "official" 
interpretation for less occupancy numbers than would be based on the square 
footage of the building per the requirements per Table 10A. We have talked to 
ICBO who would like to charge a fee for help....any other suggestions? >>

Provide a detailed drawing and subtract the area occupied by the auctioneer 
and the stage area and the drive ways.  Second provide fixed seating in the 
auction area.  both of these ideas will reduce the occupant load. Hopr this 

Jay L. Crawford, P.E.