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Re: SEAOC Younger Members Poster Session

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Constantine, you have posted a good pitch for the convention, and best
wishes for the subject young members portion.

I joined Central Section SEAOC at 27, 30 years ago, and immediately was
pressed into service in advancing professional activities, by serving drinks
at the monthly meetings, where I specialized in high early strength mix
designs. Now I'm old and ornery, without having grown up any further.

The firm I was with, Sacramento's largest SE firm, subsidized nothing for
employees in SEAOC activities. Most of us only attended the locally hosted
conventions, based on convenience and affordability. 

Anyway, it looks like my flippant remark has stimulated an attention-getting
thread that helps get the word out. I used to do this at SEAOC Board of
Directors meetings-- provoke concern with a situation and let the
discussions on it flow. Southern's Exec Secy Ed McDermott told me how much
he enjoyed this tactic. I told him it was like throwing a rat into a room
full of cats and closing the door.

Charles Greenlaw

At 10:36 AM 06/06/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>1. There are many younger members (35 and under) interested in professional
activities, including enetering competitions and winning awards for their
work. I am a younger member myself.