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RE: Coring Concrete

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Subject: Re: Coring Concrete

 Does anybody
> know of a way to drill a 6" diameter hole and still have a rough enough
> surface to ensure adequate bond between the mortar and the walls of the
> hole. The contractor is squawking at using epoxy.
One way is to bush-hammer the inside of the hole after it is drilled.  You
can also stick a long bolt in a drill and deform the sides of the concrete
hole with the head of the bolt.  You can also sand blast.  You can also use
a small chipping hammer with a 6" hole.  

After this you can use a high strength cementitious non-shrink grout.  I
would add aggregate to it.  You can also add aggregate to the epoxy.  This
would reduce the cost of epoxy, by reducing the amount of epoxy.  This may
be why the contractor has objections.

Bart Needham