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RE: Skin friction from wind load for buildings

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The only thing that I'm aware of is the provisions for tanks and roughness
as in ASCE 7-98 Table 6-10.  One thing of note is that the Cf  and the
resulting pressure is a function of both roughness and the tank aspect

Anything else would probably require testing.  If you have something
specific in mind, I would suggest you talk to the people at CPP, RWDI, or you could post your
question on the web site.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Skin friction from wind load for  buildings
> Where can I find skin friction values for design wind loads (ASCE 7-95,
> 98 or equiv.): _not_ force perpindicular to surface, but parallel?
> Skin friction related to wind speed or velocity (speed with direction)
> would also be an acceptable format.  The more building materials
> covered, the better.
> Keith Fix
> Cromwell Architects Engineers