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RE: Exposure D Wind/Seismic Loads under IBC

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It depends on where you are.  Sacramento gets a break on seismicity, Kansas
City will see a decline, in San Francisco and LA it depends on fault
proximity.  Many areas will see an increase on the demand side.  Little Rock
saw a pretty good increase due to the rare event that was tripped by the 2%
in 50 year event in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The code giveth and the code taketh away.

Harold Sprague

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> While we're at it, I'm dealing with "build-for-expansion" difficulties
> for a hospital in Little Rock.  The IBC with increase my forces 6 TIMES
> over SBC.  (1.5 for hospital and 1.5 for lack of redundancy included). 
> What is this doing to people in other parts of the country, incl. CA?