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Re: Skin friction from wind load for buildings

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AS1170.2 is 96 pages, but it is broken into 3 sections. The 
coefficients you quoted are from clause 3.4.12 (Section 3 - Detailed 
Procedure - Static). Most engineers in Australia design using the 
requirements of this section, which is only 18 of the 96 pages.

Having lived in Darwin,Northern Territory (Region C, Terrain 
catergory 2.5 on figure 3.2.2 AS1170.2) for 25 years I have many 
memories (not so fond) of going through cyclones on a regular 
basis. Having experienced Cyclone Tracey in 1974 which 
demolished at leasted 80% of all residential structures, I do not find 
anything 'overkill' with the provisions of the code for ordinary 

Anyway, enough of my rambling, Keith, there are some good 
references on pages 90-96 of AS1170.2 that may help you.

Peter McCormack