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Concrete Tilt Up Panels

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A project I am working on requires tilt up.  I have done some calcs by hand and
using Enercalc's program and have gotten the following:

For a 31 feet tall sidewall panel:  t=7 1/4 in with #5 @ 12"o.c. long way at mid
depth of panel.

For a 37 feet tall endwall (loadbearing carrying 40 feet of load): t = 7 1/4 in with
#5 @ 16" o.c. with two layers of reinforcing.

The project is in Zone 2A and 80 mph.  The numbers seem reasonable but I have
limited experience with tilt up so I do not have a good gut feeling.  Anyone out
there see any problems with what I am getting?  I have not finished my design of the
panels carrying the girders nor the panels at the dock doors (also carrying
girders).  Prelim. for the dock doors is 3#5 at each face (2'-2" wide jamb) for the
typ. dock door and 4#5 e.f. for the dock doors supporting the girders.

Any and all comments, suggestions etc will be greatly appreciated.