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Re Tilt-up panel design

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Mike:  Suggest you re-check your input on Enercalc's tilt-up program. I ran 
it, making some assumptions re your loading conditions, and came up with #5 @ 
8" for the 7-1/4" by 31' high panels. For your 37' panels I would use 9-1/4" 
panels, giving an h/t of 48. For that, and based on my assumptions, I get #6 
@ 8". A trick on this close spacing is to stagger the vertcial bars (such as 
using 30' long bars) so that at top and bottom the spacing is 16" oc.-- saves 
a little steel. Remember to check deflection restrictions (h/150). For 
horizontal reinforcing see UBC '97 1914.3.8. I have used reinforcing on both 
faces but for your case I would probably avoid it, and 7-1/4" is too thin for 
a 37' panel. Seems like you've got the right approach for jamb reinforcing, 
using bars each face. With your "limited experience with tilt-up" I suggest 
you have an experienced colleague review your design.
Hugh Brooks.