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Re: Note from Dennis Wish - resignation from SEA and List

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At 08:15 PM 5/24/00 -0700, you wrote:
>Resignation from SEA
>It is now just about one year since the '97 UBC was adopted and, in my
>opinion, virtually nothing has been accomplished. ... I can
>not, in fair conscience, continue to support an organization that does not
>represent small office design needs or protect us from potential litigations
>caused by ambiguities in their work.

Good for you Dennis.  In an effort to support the views you expressed
above, I also will not be renewing my membership this year.

See you on your new website!

Debra Hight, RCE

513 Lincoln Avenue #C
Napa CA 94558
(707)333-6002 cell
(707)251-9108 fax