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Ref: Exposure D Wind / People In Authority, etc.

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] Dear Engineering Community:
Please do not lose sight that building codes are developed to create a minimum standard and uniformity of application so that we, the unsuspecting, ill-informed, non-engineering community may have some level of 'guarantees' that building practices and their resulting structures are relatively habitable, safe and appropriate to the area (taking into account known and projected unknown hazards.....)

"Government by the few for the benefit of the many" is the way it is:  the only way to change (and hopefully improve) this system is for more proactive participation and knowledgeable involvement from the engineering community.  Laws, codes, and standards may make heads spin--but you cannot address the issues by griping about how things are done.  It is slow and tedious and thankless--but working from within is the only way to change things.

Hopefully this 'descending thread' will spark interest among those who are seeking their licensure and encourage the community to work together for the betterment of all--engineering professionals and the public at large.

Audra Ranous

from Keith Fix's post:

"   The problem, as I see it, is the whole process by which we abdicate our
authority as specialists in our business to people other than
ourselves.  We begin this process when we create building codes meant
to be adopted as law.  This process is governed by "the few" for the
"benefit" of "the many."  What results is the discussion to which this
thread has descended.  "

and "....If we could decide these issues on our own, involvement of the
remainder of society would be unnecessary. ...."

"...  A building code does not guarantee the public safety ...."