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Transferring Anchor Bolt Forces to Concrete

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I have a client who wants to use a 30" diameter CIP Pile (with no pile cap)
to support a column with a moment connected base plate.  There are four 1
1/2" diameter anchor bolts which each have a 75 k factored load (UBC Section
1923).  I normally would use a footing with enough edge distance to develop
a shear cone for the anchor bolts but since these bolts are only 3 3/4
inches from the sides of the pile a "cone" type development of the anchor
bolt does not seem to be an option.

Does anybody have any ideas how to transfer the loads to the reinforcing in
the pile?  I think development lengths for smooth bars have been removed
from the code.  I see footings occasionally which have 30" to 48" long
anchor bolts but I'm not sure how the tension force transfer is justified.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Jim Persing