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Re: Exposure D Wind

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The Uniform Building Code should be
"dedicated to the development of better building construction and greater
safety to the public, through the elimination of needless red tape,
favoritism and local politics by uniformity in building laws; to the
granting of full justice to all building materials on the fair basis of the
true merits of each material; and to the development of a sound economic
basis for the future growth of cities through unbiased and equitable dealing
with structural design and fire hazards."

Are there any code historians out there that have heard of this one??

Tom VanDorpe
VanDorpe Chou Associates, Inc.
Orange, California

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Subject: Re: Exposure D Wind

Many years ago (I can't believe I said that!), codes seemed to have had
some relationship to the real world, and were written as an aid to the
engineer.  Current codes seem to be *Downright Hostile* to the engineer ,
and tailored to the prosecuting attorney.  >>