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Re: Transferring Anchor Bolt Forces to Concrete

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Here are my immediate thoughts, without calculating feasibility.

1.  Use a larger diameter for the top 3' or 4'.  The pile contractor can
stop his pour at the interface.  GC can use Sonotubes to form the upper few
feet.  Reinforcing steel ties the two together.

2.  Use "U" shaped anchor bars.

3.  Use plate on end of anchor bolts for development.

Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa

> I have a client who wants to use a 30" diameter CIP Pile (with no pile
> to support a column with a moment connected base plate.  There are four 1
> 1/2" diameter anchor bolts which each have a 75 k factored load (UBC
> 1923).  I normally would use a footing with enough edge distance to
> a shear cone for the anchor bolts but since these bolts are only 3 3/4
> inches from the sides of the pile a "cone" type development of the anchor
> bolt does not seem to be an option.
> Does anybody have any ideas how to transfer the loads to the reinforcing
> the pile?  I think development lengths for smooth bars have been removed
> from the code.  I see footings occasionally which have 30" to 48" long
> anchor bolts but I'm not sure how the tension force transfer is justified.
> Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.
> Jim Persing