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RE: Concrete cover

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Shotcrete (gunite) would be the simplest solution to providing enough cover
to the reinforcing for fireproofing and corrosion protection.  You will need
to use a layer of reinforcing (WWF or #3min. for temperature reinf.) and
probably some dowels into the existing wall and maybe even a bonding agent
to ensure that the shotcrete stays in place. If the wall is intended to act
as a shearwall you might want to consider making the repair stronger than
the demands of fire/corrosion proofing require.  Whatever connection method
you use, I would definitely roughen the surface of the existing wall a
minimum of 1/4" amplitude.

Shotcrete (gunite) is a concrete that is applied like spray paint from a
can.  There are two types of shotcrete application, premixed and sprayed, or
mixed at the nozzle.  Our company prefers the premixed application method
for quality control purposes.  Any local ready mix supplier should be able
to give you a mix design for shotcrete.  See the UBC section 1924 for use
and limitations etc.