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Re: partially grouted cmu walls

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Paul, from a design point of view, I never use partially grouted walls. 
I saw enough of those partially grouted walls on the ground after
Northridge to make me walk away from them.

For analysis, I would take the net area of masonry and grout per foot
length of wall to calculate the shear capacity.

PFFEI(--nospam--at) wrote:
> what is the concencus about the seismic performance of partially grouted cmu
> walls?  the subject building is a two story rectangular shaped structure,
> with concrete slab on deck second floor and wood framed roof.  It is located
> in Los Angeles, and was constructed in 1959.  There is a good distribution of
> solid interior and perimeter walls with few openings, and the block is in
> very good condition.  The walls are 8" block walls with vertical steel at 24"
> o/c, and only block cores with verticals are grouted.  There is a horizontal
> bond beam at the second floor and roof, but other wise no horizontal steel.
> How is the shear capacity of this type of system evaluated?  Is it considered
> similar to a URM building?
> thanks - paul franceschi