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Re: Transferring Anchor Bolt Forces to Concrete

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As a result of our previous discussions on this topic, I purchased a booklet titled "Strength Design of Anchorage to Concrete", by
Ronald A. Cook, published 1999 by the Portland Cement Association. This is one of the guys that Harold Sprague recommended as an
expert on the topic of concrete embedements.

NOTE TO HAROLD: Dr. Cook did his doctoral research at UT under Dr. Klingner, the spelling of whose name we finally verified!

This is a pretty good design guide, with very recent information. I would highly recommend it.

Jim Persing wrote:
> Does anybody have any ideas how to transfer the loads to the reinforcing in
> the pile?  I think development lengths for smooth bars have been removed
> from the code.  I see footings occasionally which have 30" to 48" long
> anchor bolts but I'm not sure how the tension force transfer is justified.