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Re: Concrete Cover

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In addition to considering the effect of reduced concrete cover on the fire
rating and weather protection of the reinforcement, you should also consider the
effect it has on the development and splice lengths of the reinforcement.
Especially since there is less than a bar diameter of cover.


Ron LaPlante
Degenkolb Engineers

Javier Encinas wrote:

During the construction of a concrete wall in a building the reinforcing =
steel was misplaced in such a way that the rebars were located too close =
to the forms, which resulted in a cover of about 1/4".

The owner of the building has contracted our services to perform an =
assessment of the concrete wall and provide some possible solutions =
other than demolishing the wall. I am considering some sort of solution =
consisting on epoxy-painted surface and cement plaster to improve the =
steel protection. Has anybody used any commercial product or procedure =
in a similar situation? Regards,

Javier Encinas