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Are You Up for It?!

[Subject Prev][Subject Next][Thread Prev][Thread Next] At the risk of sounding like a pedant, gripes about the way things are vs. the way they
should be are nothing new nor unique to the engineering community.   There is nothing
stopping anyone from joining a local committee and working their way up until they are
in a position to be able to do something.  It is like anything else in this world--leadership
is not given to a person immediately--it has to be earned through long hours, hard
work, no recognition, and chastisement from those who do nothing and don't like
the outcome.

The real "doers" are seldom the people we hear about (maybe sometimes post-humously).
Seems like most folks want it all right now; they want to be revered by the public,
they want to be publicly acknowledged in the same vein as doctors and lawyers.
But, they don't want to do the work and spend the time that it takes.  They want it now!
and if they can't get it now, then everyone else is wrong and against them.

There are a lot of new, up and coming engineers--many waiting to be "asked" to participate;
many more paying their dues and working their way up.  In any organization, change takes effort
and time--lots of both.  The challenge is there for both the established and newer members:
get informed, get involved and make a difference--or see what happens next and gripe
about it.

Are You Up for It?