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Representation on Committees

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Chuck Greenlaw asked: "But where is our representation in the process? I
mean the representation that informs us and solicits our views, and looks
out for how we will be affected in practice by what's adopted."

One possible answer is your own local SEAOCC Seismology Committee meeting
(for Central California), Chuck. But I don't think the Committee has met for
several months. So I wonder how its delegates to the statewide Seismology
Committee have been generating Central California's positions without
frequent meetings?

Chuck, since you're a former President of SEAOCC, maybe you can look into
this and spur change for the better. I recommended more frequent meetings a
while back but was told that the delegates are too busy.

I heard their Energy Dissipation Subcommittee met earlier in the spring.
Perhaps this explains where their energy went?