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Re: Ref: Exposure D Wind / People In Authority, etc.

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Peter Higgins wrote:
> The minute any leadership forgets that they're servants of their
> membership, they lose the moral authority to speak for the organization.

Well, that didn't stop Clinton from serving eight years in the White House. In fact, to hear him and his cronies, his forgetting
about "moral authority" and REMEMBERING the "divine right of kings", seemingly, was a GOOD THING for the country.

A little political jab for the nature of which I've become justly famous, but I'm using that well-known example to prove a point:
The only way that LEADERS lose their moral authority to lead is if FOLLOWERS withhold it from them. They must refuse to follow.

It isn't automatic, because typically those who seek and try to hold power, will do so at all costs, unless they're held

Clinton has not been--yet.

But how about the "lesser" institutions, the subjects of this thread? How can change come about unless there is a demand for it, and
unless the "followers" demonstrate that there are things up with which they will not put?