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Re: WANTED: Example Specification for "Structural Grout"

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"P.S. It'd be a cool thing if we had a library of such put on the
Structuralist.Com website or some such place. Something to think about,

There's a free site called X-drive ( where one is given 100
meg to store files, pictures, etcetera.  It can be used as another hard
drive, or used by several people to exchange data.  You can download their
software to facilitate transfer of data, or just go to the site using a
browser.  One such subscription is allowed per valid email address.  I use
it to exchange drawing files with architects and my detailer.  Works pretty

I don't know how you'd administer postings in a very large group without
getting some whacko fouling things up, but it is an idea.

Riley Engineering
Blue Grass, Iowa