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RE: Drift limitations for wind loading

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There are only guidelines regarding lateral drift due to wind.  There is
some guidance for low rise buildings in AISC Design Guide 3. 

I attended an AISC lecture in Denver a couple of years ago titled "Designing
Steel for Serviceability - Control of Lateral Drift" by Finley Charney.  The
hand out is very good.  It contains a couple of papers
1.	Griffis, "Serviceability Limit States Under Wind Load", AISC
Engineering Journal, 1st quarter 1993.
2.	Charney, "Wind Drift Serviceability Limit State Design of Multistory
Buildings", Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 36,
(1990) 203-212, Elsevier Science Publishers.

There is also a pretty good discussion in Section 19 of Gaylord and Gaylord
under "Wind Deflection" where the Weiskopf and Pickworth deflection-index
guide is presented.

Griffis mentioned in a lecture some years ago that there were some wind
lateral acceleration perceptibility studies done by RWDI.

Harold Sprague

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> I have seen some old calc's with 0.025 drift limits. Was this limitation
> in some of the previous building codes, or this is a "good practice"
> guideline?  In the UBC'97 I could not find any direct limits, has anyone
> else?
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