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Re: Ram base plate software or some other

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You might want to check out RISABase also.  At one point, RISABase was the
only base plate program that would do bi-axial moments.  I believe RAMBase
might now include the ability to do bi-axial moments as well.  I have to
admit that the need to do bi-axial moments tends to be rare.

If you do get RISABase, just be careful with the input (one should be
careful with all computer programs...remember that good old phrase..."junk
in, junk out").  When doing a design, if the trial size limits are too
broad, you can get some really BIG plates while missing a more appropriate

Hope this helps,

Scott Maxwell

On Mon, 12 Jun 2000, Ken Peoples wrote:

> I am thinking about purchasing the Ram base plate
> program - it looks pretty good - any opinions out
> there on it or others?
> Thanks,
> Ken Peoples
> lvta(--nospam--at)
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