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Re: EERI Video

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Thanks to Harold Sprague for the note about the new EERI Video

EERI and ICBO have developed this new video, Resisting the Forces of 
Earthquakes, to explain that the ways that people in the construction 
industry can greatly reduce losses in wood framed buildings.  Good quality 
construction has always been the best way to limit earthquake dalmage.  
Achieving that quality requires the knowledge and teamwork of many 
individuals, including the owner, designer, construction workers and building 

This video focuses on the important role that framers and inspectors play in 
protecting wood-framed buildings from earthquake damage.  A proper connection 
between each of the structural components of a building creates a continuous 
load path, which is the key to preventing earthquake damage.  In the video, 
viewers will learn about load paths and see methods of quality construction, 
which ensure that buildings that are properly built and inspected will ride 
out the next quake without endangering lives.  A laminated job aid is 
included witrh each video, summarizing the main points of the film.

Copies of the video are $24.95 plus $5 domestic and $8 international shipping 
and handling.  California residents please add appropriate sales tax for your 
county, or 8.25 %. For address refer to the EERI web site 
or E-mail: eeri

EERI has many publications about all aspects of the earthquake problem that 
are of interest and value to engineers: refer to the web site above for full 

Chris Arnold,  President EERI