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Re: Approved end-jointed lumber

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A few weeks back there was a wood framing seminar sponsored by SEA of
Central Calif, at which there was an excellent presentation on
finger-jointed 2x4 and 2x6 studs in Canadian Spruce-Pine-Fir species. I
understood from this that there is no difference in performance because of
the finger jointing; one merely discounts the sheathing shear value due to
the less dense S-P-F species compared with DF and SYP, and accredited S-P-F
shear values are available in convenient tables.

At that seminar I asked Mr Rod Lee, the presenter from Ainsworth Lumber Co
Ltd in Vancouver BC, if there was any peculiar sensitivity in this
pre-seasoned stud material to splitting due to a heavy shear nailing
schedule, compared to familiar unseasoned DF studs. (I was anticipating a
tighter than usual nailing schedule due to the softer species, and wondered
if the dryness or species resulted in unusual splitting sensitivity.)

I have since received back some impressive technical info from Mr Lee, which
I have not finished absorbing, but so far it appears that there is no
peculiar vulnerability to nail-induced splitting in this finger-jointed stud

They have a website,  and email: info(--nospam--at)   and I
suggest inquiring directly to Mr Lee there.

Charles O. Greenlaw SE  Sacramento CA  USA 

At 11:16 AM 06/13/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>U.B.C. Section 2304.2 indicates that "approved end-jointed lumber may be
>used interchangeably with solid-sawn members..." and I was curious as to
>your opinions on these when used in shear walls. I have a copy of an article
>from ASCE's "Practice Periodical on Structural Design & Construction" (Feb.
>1997), which concluded that there isn't a whole lot of difference in
>strength & stiffness between "solid-sawn" & "end-jointed" lumber used for
>shear walls (using non-cyclic testing methods). I've also obtained some good
>information from WWPA, USDA and others.
>"Approved" members appear to be pretty good, but I wanted to query the list
>to see if there may be even more information available on these members, as
>well as opinions based on experience.
>Thanks in advance,
>Dave K. Adams, S.E.
>Lane Engineers, Inc.