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RE: Archon Structural Software?

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About three years ago I purchased their winwood program.  It is simple,
intuitive and inexpensive.  Its not something I use a lot, but it doesn't
have the learning curve that many programs do.  I have found it good for
preliminary design when I want to look at several alternatives quickly.  The
one question I had was answered quickly and competently.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Oakland  CA

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	Today I received an unsolicited demo CD of engineering software from
	company called Archon Engineering P.C. in Columbia, Missouri.  Their
	is at: According to the literature, they
offer 24
	programs, of which 20 (more-or-less) are structural.  The programs
appear to
	be Visual Basic applications for Windows 9X, and range in price from
$20 to
	$40 each.  

	I generally try to stay abreast of the structural software that is
	available, but I have never heard of this outfit.  Does anyone have
	experience with their products and support?  


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