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RE: Outstanding issues

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Here's some partial feedback regarding one of your questions:

1. Would somebody please recommend a good reference (maybe with numerical
examples) for the analysis of rigid diaphragms with openings. I am primarily
interested in concrete and composite decks with big holes, but also in
concrete shear walls with door openings (I have the book by Paulay and

Good luck on this one (for floors).....I've performed a similar seach on
numerous occasions and have struck out.  I believe what'll you'll find is
that true rigid diaphragm behavior (for floors)is typically referenced as
analogous to the web of a very deep beam, thus you're really look at a
situation similar to a web with openings.  Finite element grids can provide
stress contours to let you know where stress concentrations are occurring
and will provide you with nodal forces (i.e., chord forces).  That's the
best I can recommend to you....... the Tri-Services Design Manual (NAVFAC
P-355) touches lightly on these things but is more prescriptive in nature
than analytic.....

Robert C. Rogers, PE