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Foundation on Expansive Clay

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I am designing a 50'x100' foundation for a metal building on expansive clay. 
The Pi is about 25 and the PVR is 1/2 inch.  The geotech is calling for a
stiffened slab on ground.  He tells me that most foundations in his area are
conventionally reinforced (not post tension) stiffened slab.  He said most
engineers use the Building Research Advisory Board (BRAB) method of design. 
I am not familiar with this method.  Can someone give me information of where
I can find literature on it?

The PCA text "Designing Floor Slab on Grade" gives an example of a post
tension design (PTI Method), and then a modification of the design to
conventional reinforcing.  Can anybody give me recommendations one way or the
other as th whether this is a good design procedure for a conventionally
reinforced stiffened slab?

Also, what information should I get from the Geotech for the PCI method of
design.  The text seems to indicate the geotech should provide values for
'em' and 'ym', and obviously the soil bearing value.  Are there other items
of information I should be asking for?