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Re: Beam info needed

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>From the AISC text "Iron and Steel Beams: 1873 to 1952", the closest that
I found is:

tf (at tip)= .35"

section props:

A=12.41 sq. in.
Ix=464.9 in^4
Sx=62.0 in^3
rx=6.12 in
Iy=23.4 in^4
Sy=6.94 in^3
ry=1.37 in

Note: the properties for the above shape are for a section produced around
1907.  There are several (10+) other sections that are VERY close but this
one best matched the dimensions that you provided.  The section props are
very similar for hte other beams (most had webs that were about .300").
If you know that date that the original building was constructed, I might
be able to be a little more conclusive.

Hope this helps,

Scott Maxwell

On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, David Handy wrote:

> Could anybody help me with the properties of this shape.
> S type beam 15" deep
> 6.75" wide flange
> .375" thk. web
> .375" thk. edge flange at edge ???
> thanks in advance.
> p.s. Last time Harold S. quoted from the 1927 AISC manual
> David Handy, P.Eng.
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