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RE: base plate software

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I have found laminations on plate as thin as 1". I always UT test plate 1"
and thicker. I would avoid using stiffeners to develop moment capacity in
base plates. 

The column must rotate to develop the base plate capacity, so chairs welded
to the column flanges similar to Page 4-131 in the ASD Manual provides a
better moment connection that may be completed with fillet welds.

I've also seen cracked kerns on 4" wide flanges.

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In addition, above 1 1/2" will require pre and post heat operations which
can cost more than a couple stiffeners.  Also above 2" can lead to lamellar
problems which requires testing and certification of the plate material.

I would discuss plate thickness with some of the local fabricators before
exceeding 1 1/2" on smaller projects, you might find stiffeners are

Paul Feather

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> > From: Panos Trochalakis <panost(--nospam--at)>
> > Could either a steel fabricator or someone from AISC respond regarding
> > economical base plate thicknesses? At what point does it become more
> > economical to start using stiff. plates or other stiffening elements to
> > reduce the base plate thickness. An example is using stiff. plates or
> > channels at moment frame or braced frame columns with large uplift
> > There would be a savings in material. However, there is added shop
> > of the stiffening elements.
> It takes a lot of steel to balance the labor cost for even small
> amounts of welding and material handling to make stiffeners.
> However, above about 1 1/2" thick base plates you will have difficulty
> getting holes punched. Then the cost of reaming holes probably matches
> labor for welding a couple simple stiffeners.
> After that, base plate thickness probably isn't a major factor in more
> complex base arrangements.
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